Scargo Tower - Dennis


Scargo Hill and Scargo Lake in Dennis are said to be named for a princess of the Nobscusset tribe, who was gifted four small fish by her beloved before he left for battle. The story says that she placed the fish in a tiny pond on the land, but as summer approached only one fish remained. Her tears created a puddle to save the lone surviving fish from drought. Her father, chief of the tribe, called for the tribe’s women and children to dig a larger, deeper pond for his daughter and her fish. The excavated soil was piled nearby, eventually forming a large hill. From this hill, it is said the princess watched for her love’s return. Happily, the couple was reunited and are said to have lived along the shores of Scargo Lake, which when viewed from the tower appears fish-like in shape. 

The first tower on the hill was built of wood by the Tobey family in 1874, as an attraction for their nearby hotel’s guests, but was destroyed by a storm a few years later. The tower was quickly rebuilt but suffered a fire in 1900. The final tower, which stands today, was completed of cobblestone in 1901 and is approximately 30 feet tall. It is located on the highest hill in the area and on clear days, views of Provincetown and Plymouth can be seen. The tower and land were donated to the town by the family in 1929.