Order a House History

Every house has a story to tell
Historic Cape Cod is pleased to offer Barnstable County homeowners the opportunity to learn the history of their homes through our Plaque Program. We hope these plaques will promote pride of ownership and renew interest in Cape Cod’s history and preservation. Participation in this program helps to support the organization and builds a sense of pride in our community. Plaques like these have long expressed distinction in historic communities and provided an excellent means of public education.
Each House History and House Genealogy includes a frame-worthy chart that traces the ownership of your home and a custom house plaque crafted right here on Cape Cod. Whether you own a single-family home built in the 1600s or a new multifamily, your home qualifies for a house marker!

H O U S E   G E N E A L O G Y

This option includes a deed search that traces the ownership of the house and determines and/or confirms the original or approximate building date, owner, and when applicable, the architect.

Cost: $450

Time: Approximately 2-4 months from the time that the home is assigned to an available researcher, then an additional 4-8 weeks for the creation of the plaque. Please order early when planning for holidays and gifting. Short on time? Buy a gift card!

Deliverable: A frame-worthy chart that traces the ownership of your home and a custom house plaque. Shipping is included!

Please note that House Histories and House Genealogies are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. Once a purchase is finalized, it may take several weeks for the home to be assigned to a researcher. This timing will depend on the volume of orders in our queue and the number of available researchers. We appreciate your patience during this process. 


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