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Electrified House in Hyannis

In 1924, a group of local investors set out to build a year-round residential neighborhood on the former site of the George Lewis Farm on Winter Street in Hyannis. Fred W. Hall was hired to oversee the building and design of the Ridgewood neighborhood which would feature two large parks, underground utilities, brick roads, connection to the town sewer, and most importantly - electricity. The former farm site was sought after for its proximity to downtown Hyannis and the railroad depot. 

To help market the new neighborhood, Hall oversaw the construction of a model electrified home at the corner of Winter and Elm streets. The small bungalow showcased modern amenities, all furnished by local businesses. The electrical work was done by the Dyer Electric Company; the building materials donated by John Hinkley and Son; plumbing by William C. Hennessy; and heating was installed by E. H. Macoy. Flooring was supplied by the Hyannis Floor Surfacing Company and lastly, furniture and d├ęcor was displayed from the Union Furniture Co. 

Electrified House in Hyannis Patriot
Hyannis Patriot Thursday, September 3, 1925 Page 3

An advertisement in the Hyannis Patriot read: “For the first-time residents of Cape Cod will have the opportunity of seeing a Home Beautiful and a Home Complete. Every possible detail of Comfort, Beauty, and Efficiency has been considered and a real Model Home is the result.” At the time, only half of all U.S. homes had electric power and whenever a local home was electrified, it was newspaper worthy. 

Electrified House in Hyannis Patriot
Hyannis Patriot Thursday, September 24, 1925 Page 8

In September 1925, the home was open to the public and attracted hundreds of spectators eager to see the latest gadgets and amenities. The first week was so successful that a second open house was held the following weekend. In October the home was placed for sale and was purchased by Walter L. Marchant in February 1926.